Welcome to the Chicago Chiropractic website of Back Works Chiropractic. If you are looking to find an experienced chiropractor in Chicago that cares about your personal needs, we think you have found that chiropractor. Welcome to the offices of Dr. Brendan Lee.

At Back Works, we specialize in providing safe and effective Chiropractic Care to help heal your pain naturally without any drugs or surgery. We are committed to our Chicago Chiropractic patients and love helping them get healthy and stay healthy. We pride ourselves on making all of our Chiropractic treatments gentle and comfortable. Our Chicago Chiropractic office is distinguished by the highest quality personal service from our Chiropractors, commitment to safety and patient confidentiality, and superior chiropractic results that encompass the entire body.

At Back Works Chiropractic, your personalized care begins with an unhurried, interactive Chiropractic consultation between you and one of our doctors to discuss your personal situation, anticipated results, available options, and treatment recommendations.

Chicago Chiropractic Testimonials

With chiropractic offices in the Gold Coast, Lakeview and the Loop, our Chicago Chiropractic offices are a major caregiver in the downtown and northern Chicago neighborhoods. Our Gold Coast Chiropractic office has been servicing Chicago Chiropractic patients for over 17 years. Doctors trust our Chicago Chiropractic offices and that’s why they refer patients to us when they are in need. If you have any questions about chiropractic care in Chicago, or about your individual chiropractic condition, Back Works offers free consultations to understand your situation. The good news is that most of your treatments may also be covered by insurance. To see if your insurance covers chiropractic care, click on our insurance link. Additionally, if you call ahead, we would be happy to call your insurance carrier to verify your exact benefits and chiropractic coverage.

We have created this Chicago Chiropractic website to give you a brief understanding of the chiropractic services we provide. By no means is this a substitute for a chiropractic consultation with one of our doctors.

Please browse through this information and take the time to write down any questions you might have as they relate to your situation. Bring these questions to your consultation as your doctor will spend as much time necessary to make sure you get all of them answered to your satisfaction.

After reviewing this information, please call 1-312-988-9655 to schedule your complimentary consultation with Back Works Chiropractic. We look forward to hearing from you.